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Street photographer Eric Kim taught me to ask people to name at least two things they DON’T like about your photo, so you can learn what to work on.
So all feedback, positive or negative is welcome!

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  • Gotta love it when a plan just works out. I quite happy with how the limestone repair is coming along.
  • Today is the last day to order our custom hoodie. We reached our goal this week so any last minute
  • Lighting can make all the difference. Just letting everyone that passes by know this home is loved.  #cheaplights   #lighting   #victorian 
  • Adam’s family vibes. Who doesn’t love a good storm!  #storm   #victorian   #mansardmonday   #antique   #dark   #lightning 
  • So it turns out I like working with stone. Heritage limestone mortar is awesome stuff. Can’t wait to fix the
  • The sky was doing some fun things last night. Everywhere you looked it was doing something different.  #mansardmonday   #secondempire   #secondempirestyle 
  • Have I mentioned recently how much I love this Mantel and tile.  #victorianhouse   #victorianbedroom   #victorianfireplace   #home  #hallandbrown   #victorian   #antique   #charlessbrownhouse   #tile 
  • Thanks to everyone who show up for the tour this weekend. It was so wonderful meeting you all!  #parlor   #victorian 
  • The sun really got this sunflower glowing. I love how the lighting in this house! It can be so dramatic
  • Check out our custom made hall and brown hoodies! A lot of thought and care went I to designing these.
  • The light does some amazing things here in our old girl sometimes. Our pup max is a big fan it.
  • Man this place is really starting to pop. Love how this room is turning out.  #victorianbathroom   #home   #antique   #authentic   #secondempirestyle 
  • Ever wanted a tour of my home? Well nows your chance! And it’s not just my place but 3 other
  •  @sketchy__city  thanks to Dylan for making this super sick sketch of the house! Check out his insta. He makes amazing
  • Getting closer everyday. This has to be the longest bathroom restoration in history I suppose at least it a good
  • The right amount of light changes a room. Can’t wait to get all the crystals on these.  #antiquelighting   #home   #bathroom 
  • Atlas is loving exploring his new home. The windows are his new favorite thing. Makes me so happy to see
  • Working out how big I can make this pattern in the bathroom while making sure the white border always lands
  • I am so very pleased with this. So happy I was able to put these 100+ year old beauties back